3 Story Indoor Playground.  Arcade.  Restaurant.
East Central Indiana's Premier Indoor Family Fun Center.
Welcome to Escapades.
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Escapades is proud to welcome all guests.  We have long-standing house policies relating to admission, conduct, and safety of all guests.  We require that all guests adhere to the policies listed below.  Individuals not adhering to the policies will not be admitted to Escapades and/or will be asked to leave.

Escapades is a smoke free, tobacco free, and alcohol free facility both indoors and outdoors.  We do not allow smoking on the premises, including vaporizers and electronic cigarettes.  No pipe, cigar smoking, snuff, or chewing tobacco. 

Loitering on these premises on in the adjacent parking areas is strictly prohibited.  Any vehicles left unattended will be towed.

Outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited.  We have a full restaurant inside!  We offer a variety of menu options, and there's something for everyone.  Click here to see our menu!

Escapades encourages taking photos and videos and sharing your memories!  We do, however, ask that all of our guests follow the following policies:

-Permission is required for any filming or photography intended for commercial use.

-Filming or photography of other guests or staff members require their permission.

-Escapades reserves the right to revoke permission for the use of photography or video equipment at any time for any reason.

Escapades reserves the right to modify the House Policies and guidelines at any time without prior notice.

◦What is there to do at Escapades?
Escapades is East Central Indiana's premier indoor playground and arcade!  We're home to a three story indoor playground, arcade, and restaurant.  We also have a special toddler area for children under 3, and a parent lounge with free wi-fi and complimentary magazines.  There's something for everyone!

◦Is there an age limit?
Escapades is proud to welcome all ages, however we charge admission for ages 1-15.  We also require an adult over the age of 18 to be with your group at all times.  Guests 18 and over are always welcome, but will be charged full price if they do not have a child with them.

◦Do I need to bring anything?
All guests are required to wear socks.  This helps us keep our facility clean.  If you forget socks, they are available for purchase at the admissions counter.

◦Can I play with my kids?
At Escapades, we put safety first! Anyone is welcome to play, but our team members reserve the right to move guests around to different sections the maze for safety, or to ask you to step out if we feel it is unsafe for the younger children.

◦Can I bring my own food?
No outside food or drinks allowed.  We have a full restaurant inside!  We offer a variety of menu options, and there's something for everyone.  Click here to see our menu! 

◦Is there a weight limit?
No weight limit!  We are happy to welcome all shapes, ages, and sizes!

◦How do you clean everything?
Escapades Family Fun Center is also committed to cleanliness.  We use Keystone's Redi San RTU Hard Surface Sanitizer to keep our facility clean!  Redi San RTU Hard Surface Sanitizer is formulated for use in daily maintenance programs with a balance of detergents, biocides, and malodor conteractants that deliver effective cleaning and sanitizing control.  Redi San RTU Hard Surface Sanitizer is used in accordance with the US Public Health Service sanitization recommendations.  Escapades is also a 100% smoke free, tobacco free, and alcohol free property, in compliance with the Delaware County Health Department's clean air ordinance.

◦How do you know who is here with who?
Security is also of utmost importance at Escapades.  That's why we use our claim ticket system.  Upon arrival, we will collect the kids' shoes and store them in a shoe bin for the duration of your visit.  After storing the children's shoes, we give a claim ticket to the adult in charge of the group.  Each shoebin has a corresponding number to the adult's claim ticket. When you are ready to leave, an associate will collect the claim ticket from the adult and retrieve the children's shoes.  We have found this as an effective way to monitor what children are here with what adult, since the children are unable to claim their shoes without the adult coming up.  This is, however, not a substitution for adult and/or parental supervision.  You are responsible for your children.
◦Do I need to make a reservation?  What about
for birthday parties?
We don't require a reservation if you're just coming in to play, but if you are wanting to celebrate your birthday at Escapades, we have several options!  Here's what you need to know:

Scheduled Parties: We offer three birthday party packages (the Super, the Mega, & the Ultimate) that come with a private party room and amenities included.  In order to reserve a party, we require a non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation.  Parties are first come, first served.

Walk-in Party: Walk-in parties are welcome anytime, but we do have a capacity limit and seating is first come, first served.  For walk-in parties, we charge general admission for anyone between the ages of 1-15 and seating is not guaranteed. 

Private Parties: Want to rent the entire building for your party, field trip, event, or fundraiser?  We can do that too!  From after proms to graduation open houses to company parties, church events, school fundraisers, and so much more - Escapades is your destination for all of your party needs!

◦Can I bring a cake or cupcakes?
The only outside food or drink allowed is a store-bought cake or cupcakes.  Beyond that, all outside food or drinks are strictly prohibited.

◦Who provides your cakes for the parties?
Escapades is proud to have Concannon's Bakery & Cafe' as our official bakery partner.  From standard birthday cakes to specialty cakes, we work with them directly to make sure your cake is amazing!

◦Can I decorate for my birthday party?
Absolutely!  You are more than welcome to decorate, but at this time, we do not allow helium balloons, confetti, glitter, or silly string.

◦What if some of my guests don't show up?  Do I still have to pay for them?
We do require a minimum of at least 8 kids to do one of our scheduled party packages, so you'll pay for 8 child regardless of attendance.  Once you hit your 8 child minimum, we only charge for those in attendance beyond that.

◦Is food for the adults included with your parties?
The amenities in the party packages are only for the kids.  Adults are free to get in, so any food or drinks they want would be extra.

◦How do I know what times and dates are available?  How do I schedule my party or event?
Give us a call at (765) 289-1000!  One of our Escapades event staff members would be more than happy to help go over availability, answer any questions you may have, and help you schedule your party or event!  We look forward to having you!